We are using the UN Rights of the Child guidelines which align perfectly with our Mangatangi Manaakitanga.

Mangatangi School will provide an enriched learning environment where children are encouraged to develop a lifelong

Thirst for Learning” to reach their fullest potential. 

THIRST for Learning

Think critically, creatively and reflectively

Have a Go    participate, build community and be inclusive

Integrity  be honest, responsible and accountable

Respect for self, others and human rights

Strive for excellence, aim high, persevere and be humble

Tiakitanga environmental and sustainability

Children who:

 Are honest, reliable and trustworthy

 Are keen to learn

 Are independent

Are confident

Set and achieve their own goals

Value effort and always do their personal best

 Are proud of their achievements

 Are proud of their school

 Have a sense of identity and self-worth

Take responsibility for their own actions

 Have initiative and perseverance

  Are fair, thoughtful and caring to others

  Handle conflict in a positive way and can say 'no' when things don’t feel right

Care for the school / school’s environment.

 Are proud of being a New Zealander

 Are creative

Are entrepreneurial 

Are enterprising 

 Are problem solvers

Have the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties

"Be Kind, Be Friendly, Be Respectful"